The final week was extremely stressful! What goes to Jovanna? What goes to storage? Trying to do my last week working, which was very busy! And the rush to move everything before the car went! Then there was people wanting to see us and loads of admin to tie up! It was honestly an emotional rollercoaster and also physically exhausting!

I knew the sea would help to destress and calm me BUT sadly for a few days there was nowhere to fit it in! I knew that soon there would be loads of time for the sea and all the other things I wanted to do so I just had to keep reminding myself of that and keep going!

I swim with the most amazing group, we have built a really strong bond thru the love of the sea and swimming and of course the tea, coffee and chat that comes after. I’ve always loved the sea but only ever been a dipper in the summer but in 2020 when covid was in full swing I swam thru my 1st winter with a bunch of people who were doing the same . It was so good on so many levels. I have never looked back and felt such a sense of belonging. I will continue to swim in lots of places but I will soooo miss my tribe! I probably had about 3 leaving swims before the final one! Here is the photo.

When we were about to move into our van our neighbour took a photo.

Here it is

We are ready to leave .

We stayed fairly local for the first 2 nights as we needed to tie up some loose ends but then on Thurs 8th July we were off!

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