We arrived back in Brighton on Thurs evening, just before the Bank holiday weekend.

We parked up and went to visit from friends on Thursday night. We had food and drinks there and a good catch up before returning to the van.

The following morning started with an early morning walk past my beloved beach at King Alfred. It looked so calm. I couldn’t wait to swim later!

Here I am again later in the day with my swim buddy and friend Louise

King Alfred Beach (KA) My “home” beach
Jo and Louise poste swim at KA

It was good to be back. Great to see people. Just like last time if felt like I had come home but was visiting!

Friday night we went out for dinner with some friends to a seafood pub. After that we were back at friends until late. It was good to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while.

Saturday was spent doing not very much as we were a bit tired!

Sunday we arranged to go out for a late Sunday lunch with some friends. Here are some photo’s. Sian and Terry have just moved down to Hove, Martyn was visiting them from Nottingham and Gloria is a friend I met swimming.

Monday was another quiet day with some swimming thrown in!

Then Tuesday Jovanna went for her pre MOT check.

She was looking good just needed a couple of minor things.

On Wednesday we took her for her the actual MOT and she passed with flying colours!

Now the MOT was done we were heading North, Scotland here we come!

First stop along the way was Lemington Spa. Neither of us had been there before so it seemed like a good place to stop for the night on the way up.

We visited a really nice park that had a sensory garden, designed to help people with autism. I think it was the only one of it’s kind so quite innovative. Here’s some photo’s


After having a roam around Lemington Spa we decided it was time to continue up to Manchester. We were stopping off to see Aunty Sue, Dee’s aunty who we hadn’t seen for a few months.

Was lovely to see her and I think she liked Jovanna too. Here’s a photo taken just outside her flat’s before we left

Dee and Aunty Sue

We said goodbye and headed up to The Lake District, our final destination before Scotland .

We went to The Lake District on our very first holiday away together. Would have probably been in 1999 or 2000. I think it was for a week. Neither of us could remember exactly where we stayed but we think it was a B and B. Both of us remember a slightly frosty reception when the owner realised we weren’t married! It certainly wasn’t uncommon at that time!

We headed to Lake Windermere which is the largest of all The Lakes. There are 16 Lakes in The Lake District but apparently only one, Bassenthwaite Lake is officially a lake by name whilst all of the others are meres or waters.

I didn’t actually swim in any of the lakes previously but this time I was definitely going in!

Swim at Lake Windermere

The weather was still good and we were still able to sit out until the sun went down. We also managed to get a really good park up right next to Lake Windermere.

Here are some more photo’s of our time there.

We didn’t really get to spend too long in the Lake District this time but we did also manage to go lake Ullswater on the way up.

Here’s a few more just before leaving The Lakes .

The last photos before Scotland!

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3 thoughts on “Brighton to The Lake District.

  1. I know I have commented on FB, but seeing these blogs give a far greater insight as to your journey. I know you are back in Brighton but is that a temporary thing? 😘


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