Abereiddy, The Blue Lagoon and the Long Walk for Fish and Chips

On our 2nd day at Treginnis we decided to go to Abereiddy and The Blue Lagoon. This involved a 7 mile cycle ride up some big hills and country lanes to get there. It was also around 28 degrees celsius, unusual for the UK and probably especially unusual for Wales!

When we got there we parked our bikes in the car park and there was a beautiful beach right there, initially I thought that was The Blue Lagoon until we were directed up some steps and round a corner

Here I am below . Swimming in the blue lagoon really was as good as it looks.

Here you can see me swimming at The Blue Lagoon if you’re on Instagram.

After swimming in the blue lagoon we began the walk to Porthgain which is the next village. It’s a walk along a coastal path, very scenic and took about 2 hours. The prize waiting at the end of the walk was a good fish and chip shop! A few people we’d met along the way had recommended it! Here’s some photos from the walk and also Inside ‘The Shed’ which was the name of the restaurant. Of course it was only right to have ice cream after as well 🤣

Dee during the walk
The Ice cream

After our much deserved fish, chips, cider and ice cream we then had to do it all again to get back!

The walk back

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