Folkestone, another place in Kent that we heard had undergone a big regeneration project! Unlike Margate we only heard this very recently.

We also have some friends in Folkestone who we lost touch with for a while but have now reconnected with. No particular reason just one of those things.

They were living in London when we had last been in touch. Since moving to Folkestone about 3 years ago they have both become sea swimmers so I was also very excited to have some swim company again!

We left Margate early on Sunday morning, the day after our wedding anniversary and Margate Pride. We arrived fairly early as we were told there would be more chance of a suitable place to park Jovanna.

Our Friends are David and Nathan and are both originally from Perth Australia and David’s mum was visiting for 6 weeks too.

We arrived and settled and had coffee before heading to the beach. Initial impression of Folkestone was very good . They lived in a great spot with views overlooking the sea .

The view from near where David and Nathan live

We waited for the tide to come in a bit more as David said it’s not possible to swim if the tide is too low. Always good to have local knowledge about swimming areas where possible.

The weather was still amazing for the UK and David’s mother Helen was happy to join us for a swim too.

Pre swim left to right , Nathan, me, David and Helen.
David and myself

Was fab having some people to swim with again. Solo swims are good but can’t beat a bit of company! Also loved being back on pebbles again! Sand looks nice and is nice to walk on but so messy!! Most Brighton swimmers hate sand!

After the swim David and Nathan took us to The Harbour Arm. The Harbour Arm is a beautiful promenade out at sea with an amazing view. It used to be the ferry port when Folkestone- Boulogne ferries were still running, pre channel tunnel I believe.

It was about a half hour walk to get there. All along the top of the sea so definitely a very pleasant walk. Here’s some photos from along the way .

Walk to The Harbour Arm
Dee on the way to The Harbour Arm
The view and my back on the way to The harbour Arm

Today the Harbour Arm is a collection of independent businesses . There were a few stalls selling arts, crafts, jewellery all with a quirky feel. Then there is a collection of bars and restaurants offering a whole range or food and drinks and even a champagne bar right at the end!

Drinking Rhubarb Cider

One of the nice things about The Harbour Arm was that you could wander around and have a look at all the different food and drinks available and choose without everyone necessarily having to all eat from the same place . Great idea, like the shopping malls! Once you’ve ordered you get a gadget that buzzes when your food is ready!

I forgot to take photos of all the food but here’s David with a burrito.

David and his Burrito

I had scampi, but not just ordinary scampi, it was salsa style with sweet chilli sauce and definitely a good twist. After some more rhubarb ciders we wandered up to the end of the pier where I stood next to a metal man and even held his hand!

With the metal man
David Nathan and Dee
The boys walking along The Harbour Arm

Well time to head back! No more cider! Lol! We managed to get some more photos on the way back.

With a giant seagull
At the end of a hard day!
Dee and I posing at this statue near where the van was parked

This turned out to be a fairly long post with lots of photos . I was pleasantly surprised that Folkestone was as nice as it is. I didn’t really expect it! I would actually live there, we both would . Quite a shock really as we have never said that about anywhere other than Brighton! Maybe something to consider one day but for now too much to see in our van!

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2 thoughts on “Folkestone

  1. Hi Jo and Dee, how great is Folkestone, can’t say I have heard of it before and can understand why you could consider living there. We do that most times we go away lol! Anyway you can keep it on your list of places to return to. Great that you caught up with your Aussie friends and Dave’s mum. How much longer are you planning to be on the road? Such a great thing to be doing.
    All the best, drive safely
    Sally x


    1. Yes loved Folkestone and great to catch up with our Aussie friends . No plans on how long . Just gonna keep going . Great life . Lovely to hear from you . X


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