Sango Sands, Durness Beach to John O Groats

Before leaving Achmelvic Beach I made sure I had a swim.

Sango Sands

In the afternoon we arrived at Sango Sands, Durness Beach a bit further up the west side of the NC 500. It was an absolutely stunning beach and the weather was glorious, just a really beautiful sunny day. It was forecast to be stormy the next day which was kind of hard to believe as it was so nice. That in mind I was tempted to double dip but in the end I didn’t, it seemed a lot of effort at the time 😂

Sango Sands

We actually stayed over night in a designated car park. There are places like that all over Scotland, they are very ‘motorhome friendly’

Right next to where we stayed there was a campsite and the campsite had a pub which was open to everyone, so we did pop in for a quick drink. We spoke to a few people when we walked past the campsite and also in the pub, they all seemed very friendly. We also met some other full time van life people in the car park. We had a brief chat and found out they were from Anglesey.

The following day we woke up to strong winds and rain, it was relentless all day. Hard to believe it had been so nice when we arrived. We decided it wasn’t worth moving anywhere, partly as we wouldn’t actually want to get out and see anything and partly because we felt it may be dangerous on these windy narrow mountainous roads. After a whole day sat in the van we ventured back into the pub ‘just for one drink!’ Always a mistake!

We spent the evening chatting to a couple and ended up having three drinks! Here’s a photo of me with their dog .

Sadly, I managed to forget my lovely hat that I bought in Harris! Luckily I did manage to track the person who makes them down on instagram and I was able to get another one and have it sent.

In the morning it was still a bit wet but not as bad, this in mind we decided it was time to leave. Our first stop was only a couple of miles away at Smoo Cave. It was quite spectacular so very glad we did get to go there once we had a break in the weather .

Smoo Cave

The inside of Smoo Cave

The ‘Pink Beach

After Smoo cave we headed for a beach called Traig Allt Chailgeag! Yes it’s gaelic and I have no idea how to pronounce it! It was my swim spot for the day.

The beach was surrounded by pink granite and sea caves. Even the sand had a pink tinge.

That should show how pink it was! For obvious reasons we nicknamed it. “The Pink Beach”

John O Groats

Our next stop was Thurso which is the most northerly town on Mainland UK. It was like coming back into civilisation again after being in the wilderness! I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased to see a Tesco and a Lidl. We stopped and replenished our stock! Then we were on our way again up to John O Groats.

We made it! The obligituary photograph at the sign, along with me inside the foghorn .

Now the only way was down 😂

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