Padarn Country Park, Llanberis

This was an excellent find, we stayed 3 nights and it had so much going for it.

How beautiful is that? Apparently that is one the most photographed trees in Wales. You can see why.

Dee took that photograph after catching the right moment with the bird in it!

How did we find this place? Well I actually found it on a swimming group on Facebook .

Part of me doing this whole van life experience is about “Following the swim!”

This one was definitely a ‘winner’ not only for swimming but scenery, wildlife and the town of Llanberis which was just 5 minutes walk away.
For any vanlifers reading this the other added bonuses are it was free to park and overnight is allowed for vans and motorhomes! And there are toilets close by.

Padarn Lake
More of the lake and mountain range

Swimming in the lake was almost a new experience, I did it in New Zealand about 18 years ago and before I became an avid sea swimmer.

The immediate thing I noticed getting in is the distinct lack of salt! In the sea it’s there and as soon as you get a splash or a wave hit you, or put your face under.

It felt very strange at first getting in the lake without the salty taste, then the next thing that hit me was no current! Head under and off I went.

As you get in the lake appears quite clear but it was very deceiving, the clearness was very short lived. It became deep and dark very quickly. I’m used to being able to see something with goggles on in the sea. At best it’s really clear and you can see the bottom and sometimes the occasional crab or fish, at worst it’s just murky. In the lake it was complete blackness and nothingness!

It was very lovely swimming in lake tho, especially when you looked round at the mountain range and also the realisation that you were swimming with ducks and swans😯🦆🦢

Dee always says that if I ask him to take swimming photos all you ever see is a ‘head’! Because of this a lot of swimming photos are dubbed with ‘The Head!’

Here’s some photo’s of Dee being silly!

At 7am the lake was so peaceful, it’s when Dee took a lot of his photographs.

We really enjoyed our stay at Padarn. There is another post about our bike ride whilst we were staying there.

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2 thoughts on “Padarn Country Park, Llanberis

  1. Dear Jo and Dee,

    Your photographs are breathtakingly beautiful!

    Glad to read you are enjoying your exploration of Wales!

    Colin and I are so relieved that temperatures are back to normal. I hated the heat. Does Jovanna have air conditioning?

    On Wednesday I’m off to Vienna for a week to see family and friends. It’s my first trip to Vienna since March 2020, shortly before the first lockdown. A live-in carer will look after Colin.

    I tried to leave a comment but didn’t manage because of all the ads interfering.

    With best wishes and love Heidi & Colin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Currently in Lincoln ! Bit behind on the blog and trying to catch up . I think you did comment . Enjoy your trip to Vienna . Most photos are Dee’s . Thank you 🙏


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