Heading up to Scotland from The Lake District we almost missed the lowlands of Scotland and this beautiful county out! Something that apparently many people do!

Luckily Dee has family in Scotland, in Hamilton near Glasgow. We were about to head straight up when they steered us in the direction of Dumfries and Galloway.

Our first stop as at Loch Ken which was beautiful. We actually stayed for a couple of nights .

The weather was still beautiful. We were very lucky. We parked right next to the loch. It was so peaceful and we had some great views.

Early evening we were still able to sit and watch the sunsets. We honestly couldn’t have asked for more.

Loch Ken was such a perfect setting . So calm and peaceful. Dee was loving all the beautiful sunsets and I was loving being able to step outside the van and swim.

Sunset at Loch Ken
Another sunset at Loch Ken

Whilst staying at Loch Ken we cycled into Castle Douglas, a nearby town

On the way Dee suddenly saw a giant chair in a field! It was very random and we had no idea why it was there. Dee will do anything for a photo! He asked me to climb over the fence and go and sit on this chair!

Reluctantly I climbed the fence! It wasn’t until I got closer to the giant chair that I realised how big it was! There was no way I was getting up there. The seat was higher than my shoulders! I suggested Dee try instead. He just about managed to get up there, it was a struggle though!

Dee in the Giant Chair

I don’t think we got any photos from Castle Douglas. I think the giant chair was the actual highlight 😂

We managed to get some photos of some beautiful butterflies when we were at Loch Ken. Great when you can actually capture some wildlife before they run or fly away!

Whilst we were in Dumfries and Galloway we also visited Robert The Bruce’s Stone which is at the top of the hill on the north side of Loch Trool. It commemorates Robert the Bruce’s first victory over an English army in 1307.

Dee at Bruce’s Stone

I did also manage a very quick swim at Loch Troon before the rain came!

Before leaving Dumfries and Galloway we also visited Loch Clatteringshaw, another great place for a swim.

We then had to decide weather we were going to head east to Scottish Borders or west to South and East Ayrshire. Big decisions!! We opted for Scottish Borders which is the next blog post!

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3 thoughts on “Dumfries and Galloway

  1. What a beautiful location, and those sunsets, just gorgeous. There certainly are some beautiful butterflies to be found on your travels. I saved some photos


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