Hamilton Weekend with family

As I mentioned previously Dee has some family in Scotland in Hamilton which is about 45 mins away from Glasgow

I was looking forward to seeing them and an added bonus that they are both swimmers too! Andy is Dee’s cousin and Julie is his wife. We have often commented on swim photo’s and trips on social media and always said that one day we would swim together

We arrived on Friday afternoon and Julie wasn’t working that day. We had a good chat and caught up with them.

Here I am in the garden with their very lively dog ‘Beamer’

Jo and Beamer

Left to our own devices the following day we decided to catch a train into Glasgow. It was about a 45 minute journey.

We had a ticket that also allowed us to use the underground system but we didn’t actually use it! We just walked everywhere.

First of all we went for a lovely Thai lunch. Here’s Dee with the food .

Glasgow Thai lunch

We walked around the town centre and went to visit The Glasgow Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery. It certainly had some very impressive monuments and tomb stones. We didn’t actually take any photographs as it felt a little inappropriate to us. It’s definitely worth a visit though if you are ever in Glasgow.

Here is a photo of the museum and Art gallery instead which is a very impressive looking building. We did go in but didn’t stay long as it was very hot .

After walking all round the city it was time for a rest, and a treat! Hot Chocolate and a cake in Hotel Chocolat!

Hot chocolate with cream and a cake!

After a very long day walking around we headed back for a relaxing evening with a film.

The following day we all headed to Loch Ard, it was one of Julie and Andy’s regular swimming spots. It was about an hour’s drive away.

Here’s a whole range of photos from that day. The weather stayed mild and we had hot drinks and rolls afterwards made by Julie. As you can see Beamer also had a great time.

In the afternoon Andy’s parents who are Dee’s aunt and uncle came to see us. Was lovely to see them as it had been a very long time.

The following morning was time for us to leave. We were heading to Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park then over to Mallaig to get the ferry to The Isle of Skye. Look out for the next post.

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